Hello (Kubernetes) World

Published on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Welcome to my new blog (the old one is here).

I have been wanting to redo my blog for some time and make it easier for me to quickly push out content and make changes. This is the very start of that process but I'm happy to say I've managed to spin this all up in the weekend.

A number of things have allowed this:

You may be thinking that kubernetes is overkill for a blog and I would agree with you. The reason I wanted to use kubernetes is that we use it thoroughly at work and I want to be able to communicate more effectively with our DevOps guy (legend) and really understand our deployment.

I have been wanting to do this through DigitalOcean because I have been a customer of theirs for a long time now and I love their technology. Needless to say they have continued their famous UI through to their kubernetes and managed database products.

At work, most of our backend software is written in Elixir (which is totally awesome) and I was planning to use it for the new blog, but I have very recently...as in the past week...started looking again at golang for certain things and I have found it extremely productive for not having used it in anger before.

The other reason for using golang is that it blends nicely with docker in that it will happily generate small static binaries: the minimal docker image running this blog clocks in at only 7 MB.

In my next post I'd like to give instructions on how I set all this up on DigitalOcean. Most the instructions I found in various blog posts, but I think it's worth centralising this for others that want to get set up with this particular combination of DigitalOcean+kubernetes+golang+postgres.